Don’t Blame the Peanut Brittle 

Finding half a tooth in your coffee happens.

Enjoying a midnight snack after the turkey-induced coma and you end up crunching into something you shouldn’t…well, it happens.

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are crunchy, the air is crisp and there is the promise of wonderful food around every corner. Soon we’ll be in full on holiday food mode, peanut brittle and ribbon candy included.

Here at Enchanting Smiles Family Dentistry, we get emergency phone calls all through the year, and not just when candy apples are on the menu. Once you’ve been on the planet for a while, teeth develop little lines and cracks in the hard enamel. These minor lines can remain insignificant, or progress over time like a crack in your windshield. Nothing lasts forever, and the more birthdays you’ve had…well, you get the idea.

When we see teeth that look compromised, typically we recommend trying to fix it before it breaks. This can be a filling, a new filling, or a crown. Knowing you need a crown is like knowing you need tires. Sometimes you can put it off successfully, even for quite a while. But eventually it won’t matter what you’re eating, peanut brittle or bread, part of the tooth will just break off.

Most of the time it’s fixable. We’d rather fix them before they break, as it tends to be easier and less traumatic. Follow your dentists’ suggestions of repairing cracking teeth so that at your next holiday gathering you don’t have to worry about your shining smile.

Your dentist can tell you if the banana pudding was really the culprit or not. We’re here for you. Don’t stop eating, and if something breaks, try not to blame the food.

My favorite part of dentistry is getting to know people and developing quality relationships. I grew up in a small town and I guess I’ve always loved the feeling of caring and family associated with them. I love being in a town that still has a Main Street, and Pittsboro feels like home.
– Dr. Laura Collatz
Enchanting Smiles Family Dentistry

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