Bynum Bridge & Bynum Beach

Well, what an amazing adventure this past weekend was!  I’ve been to Bynum Bridge for the Halloween Festival and the 4th of July Fireworks when it’s always covered in friendly people enjoying time outdoors. From those visits, I knew we would spend a good portion of the day there if we got anywhere near the water. This weekend proved my theory and we spent nearly 6 hours playing around Bynum Bridge and the Lower Haw River State National Area.

To help you plan ahead

Really no mosquitoes to speak of, but it is winter.

It’s all sun on the river. Pack your sun block.

There are no public restrooms. Pets are allowed. The bridge is stroller friendly while the beach is not. Pack your own lunches and snacks as there isn’t food on site.

Location: 597 Bynum Road, Pittsboro NC 27312

Details: The Bridge is about 800 feet, the trailhead to the beach is on the other side of the bridge. On the left, you’ll see Bynum Beach Road and then the trailhead. There is a trail but it’s very primitive. Despite the prickly bushes, our hike was refreshing and enjoyable.

Izabel, my 7-year-old daughter, loves tracking the “monster” on the bridge that left the big blue tracks. Little Lacie dog got in on the hunt. Everything there is captivating, from the graffiti to watching Haw River drift passed you.
When we crossed the bridge we discovered Bynum Beach on Bynum Beach Road. The trees along the bank offered the perfect perch for Izabel.  Bellow is a photo of the “beach.” It’s definitely more of a river bank but the sand was fun to play in. It would be a great access point to the Haw River for a canoe trip or float down the river.

This is a river and all safety precautions should be considered with small children and non-swimmers. To avoid swift moving currents, never go after hard rainfalls.

After we had our fill of Bynum Beach we headed back to where we parked. We wanted to check out the abandoned buildings and enjoy our lunch in the afternoon sun. We ended up having our lunch sitting in the sun where the mill burned down in 2001. Izabel and the pups had plenty of room to run and explore.
From here we explored everything we could!  Izabel and I rested on a lovely bench and soon found our shoes wet from playing at the river’s edge.  There was little to no current that day so the rocks were easily accessible.  We walked around a bit more and found this little trail, Duke Forest.  We will definitely be back to hike the trail and find out more information. I’ll be sure to share what we discover!

Where would you like to see our family go next? Comment below with your suggestions.

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