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Chatham County Events is a comprehensive online community resource that focuses on sharing events and supporting shop local for Chatham County, North Carolina. Showcasing the people, architecture, history, arts, and entertainment that makes living and visiting Chatham County a rich, unique, and memorable experience.

Monthly Visitors: 180,000+

Average Time on Website: 8m 42s

Newsletter Subscribers: 3,000+

Chatham County Events, a part of NC Route 64, is a trusted online resource for those looking for the most comprehensive collection of things to do in Chatham County, including Pittsboro, Siler City, Goldston, Albright, Baldwin, Bear Creek, Cape Fear, Gulf, Hadley, Haw River, Hickory Mountian, Matthews, New Hope, Oakland, Williams, Bennett, Fearrington, and Moncure. Readers turn to Chatham County Events because we offer:

• A calendar packed with local events, activities, and workshops
• The popular Weekly Planner e-newsletter, a must-have resource for planning the week’s outings
• Convenient guides to seasonal fun, including summer camps, fall activities and holiday events
• The latest news from area attractions and reviews of new destinations

Chatham County Events is a reliable source of information for families, individuals and explorers looking for activities, businesses, and parks in the county, which is why many of the area’s most respected attractions and organizations trust NC Route 64 to meet their advertising needs. Learn more about how NC Route 64 can help your business, community or organization reach a larger audience!

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