It’s hard to believe that we’re coming on a year for Chatham County Events. As a wife, mother, businesswoman, and photographer/videographer, I’ve been more than busy with the holiday months quickly coming and going. Thank you for your patience while I continue to find the balance in keeping up with all the passions in my life. Our community has been a delight to connect with and I’m looking forward to a new year full of adventure. These last 2 years have shown us beautiful places to play, community events to connect with other families and businesses, as well as the best food the south has to offer!

This year, Izabel will be randomly selecting the destination for our adventures. We’ll be sure to include what we find, the people we meet, as well as important information to help you plan your next adventure. There are so many ideas for kid and family-friendly things to do in Chatham County. You’ll be able to find all the details right here on Be sure you are signed up for our newsletter! We don’t want you to miss a thing our community has to offer. We hope to see you around and be sure to say hello when you see us out and about. We love your feedback and appreciate your support.

Would you like your business to be featured here on our site? Advertising space is limited and is going fast. Contact me at for more information on having your business in front of a wide audience searching for all Chatham County has to offer.

Thank you for your continued support!

– Rhonda Kowald


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