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A charming North Carolina County filled with historic charm, rich artistic culture, agricultural and natural beauty. With unique businesses, local restaurants, breweries, wine shops, retail stores, galleries, farmers markets and so much more.


We’ve been hard at work with a fantastic web design team developing a new website and fine-tuning our brand. We were expected to launch in the middle of March but due to COVID-19, we realized the world isn’t going to be as we knew it and we needed to make some changes to help the local community connect and stay up to date. We’re hoping to launch in the middle of July rebranded as My Chatham. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but because of this transition, we are not adding additional events or information to this website.

It’s been exciting to witness Chatham County Events take off the way it has. In 2018 we had 1.3 million visitors, and it became evident that this was a heavily relied-upon resource. In 2019 we had almost 2 million visitors, and Chatham County Events desperately needed to get a proper overhaul to continue to succeed.

Stay tuned as we announce the new website features that so many of you asked for and the official launch date. My Chatham, saving you time with our robust events calendar, collective parks guide, and a business directory on a mobile-friendly website.

Rhonda Kowald

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